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Justin Schuelke


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Welcome to the home of
The Incarnate Accounts
Journals & Journeys!

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There's Always a Loophole

Emery Luple hunts monsters, solves crimes, confronts myths, and always does it in style. After being murdered in the unforgiving Saudi Arabian desert hunting a monster that never should have been there, he is given another chance at a new life. But a spree of grisly murders half the country away draws Emery back into the world of investigation, mythical creatures, and murder mystery, where unexpected love and living urban legends aren't the only things threatening to upend Emery's brand new life.


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"Murder me once, shame on you. Murder me twice..."

Loophole Ex Machina

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"There's always a loophole."

Literal Demons

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“Everyone has demons. If you’re lucky, they stay on the inside.”

Off With Their Heads


"Is a murder-free vacation too much to ask for?

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Thank you to the amazing artists who help bring The Incarnate Accounts and Journals & Journeys to life!
Cover Designs for The Incarnate Accounts by Jeff Brown Graphics and Todd Arntson
Cover Design for Spellworn (Journals & Journeys) by Nicole Lane Art
Character illustrations by Colleen Butters @SolarCitrus (Twitter and Tumblr)
Spellsworn character illustrations by Micah Weltsch @Micahdraws (Twitter)


Seattle, Washington

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