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“The world of Grythica is a realm of magic…”

When Lucas invites his friends over to play a new fantasy role-playing game, Journals & Journeys, they expect to encounter zombies, elves, and sorcerers. They expect to visit fairy forests, decrepit ruins, and stunning palaces. They expect adventure.


They don’t expect it to be real.


Grythica may be a land of fantasy, but it’s a world of terrible danger, too—and one where humans are killed on sight. And while Lucas, Sawyer, Violet, and Caleb should have at least had each other for support, they’re separated upon crossing into the realm. Alone, armed only with their wits, they scramble to acquire the magical powers they’ll need to survive. It all starts with leveling up.


Can they win out long enough to find each other and devise a way home, all while hiding what they truly are?


Game on.

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