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My Journey

Behind the Words

I was always fond of telling stories, creating worlds, and escaping on adventures to places real, imaginary, or far away. I was fed an endless diet of fiction and fantasy, starting with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and expanding into infinity from there!

As a kid, my friends and I played "The Game" (real imaginative, I know) where I created journeys for them to explore, from video game-like boss battles to time travel, and everything in between. We fought evil in our backyard, on our trampoline, or at our kitchen table. I began writing in middle school, working on a manuscript entitled Game of Creation. It... well, it isn't good. I'm still proud of it.

As a big kid in my thirties, everything and nothing has changed. I create stories every week for our homebrew tabletop adventure group in something we call J&J - Journals and Journeys. For a long time, that sated my hunger for creativity, for telling stories. I worked a normal job, married the most incredible guy (say hi, James!), and created adventures in my spare time.

No longer!

The Incarnate Accounts mark the start of my journey as an official, self-published author. With the support of my family, I've spent the last year turning my dreams into reality.

Dreams don't just make themselves, though, so thank you so much for your time and contributions toward my stories. I hope I can be like the authors who inspired—and continue to inspire—me. I hope you fall in love with the characters and settings I have created.

Like the stories I tell, I am an open book. Feel free to contact me on social media (links below), or by e-mail ( Thank you so much.



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