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"The twist and turns of the story kept surprising me. Every time I thought I had it figured out, Justin took the story in a different direction and I must admit I had a few WTF moments."
- Amazon reviewer

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Emery Luple hunts monsters, solves crimes, confronts myths, and does it all in style. After being killed in the unforgiving Saudi Arabian desert while hunting a monster that never should have been there, he reincarnates into a new life—and not for the first time. But a string of grisly murders in New York immediately pulls him back into the world of investigation, mythical creatures, and mystery.

And strange deaths are not the only things to which Emery is drawn. Caden, the young guy who requests Emery’s help to investigate the crime spree, possesses an affinity for the supernatural… and a secret buried so deep, even he doesn’t know what it is.

Unexpected feelings, mutual self-discovery, and another incarnate claiming to be the Monster Hunter soon have Emery questioning all he thought he knew. Can he solve the current crimes before his murderer finds him again?

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